All things Makeup!

Happy Saturday Everyone! Hope you have been having a great week. Today I want to continue with the Summer Trends and talk about Makeup! Now, I am a huge makeup advocate. I know some people don’t typically like to wear a lot or like to keep it natural and that is perfect too! I’ll touch on easy to use natural items that are great for summer and go into more of a dramatic look. So let’s begin!!


The Naturalist


For those who like to keep it a little more natural, which I think even the most dramatic of make up wearers have their days, I LOVE bb cream! This multitasking tinted cream formula with SPF moisturizes, primes, perfects, controls oil, and protects for flawless skin on set and beyond. It is super light weight as well. I love to wear this to the beach or on a low key day. Plus, I know my friends who don’t typically wear a liquid foundation will go to this. It is an awesome summer must have!

(I typically try to stick with products that aren’t pore clogging) The one that I use personally is Smash Box BB Cream.

And a quick tip… When wearing anything with SPF make sure it is Broad Spectrum because that is the only way you know you are protected from the most UV Rays 😉





I feel like girls either have an absolute favorite mascara that they swear by or they are always searching for the next best mascara… I have used SO MANY different mascaras. I’ve tried drug store brands, I have tried the most expensive ones, but THIS ONE is my favorite by far! Now I always curl my lashes with an eyelash curler, and for the most part I wear strip lashes every day, so when I just go out with my own lashes, I need a really good one.

So first I curl, like I said, and then I put on a lash primer because it makes my mascara last all day and the curl stay all day because nothing is worse than your lashes coming down in the middle of the day, right?! Then I apply my mascara like normal and BAM, My lashes are done! Now for curlers, I just use one I got in an ipsy bag. I haven’t really ever seen a difference in them if you spend $1 or $20, so save yourself some money there! But for my primer and mascara I love the lash primer by MAC and the In Extreme Dimension Mascara by MAC as well. They look like this:






I think most girls do their brows these days whether they love makeup or not… It’s just like the rules of feminism. But really, I have super thick brows but I always shape them! I use the wonderful Anastasia DipBrow. They sell it in so many colors, there is definitely one for you too. Plus I use their brow brush and I love that brush!

s1621028-main-hero-300 s1578657-main-hero-300

The In-Betweener

Most people probably fit into this category.. Especially since the highlight and contouring has become so popular. I’ve heard from here and there that that trend is dying out, but I have a hard time believing that. I do however, see a big change in the trend. For summer it’s becoming a lot less matte and a lot more “glowy”. But lucky for you, I have just the products to tell you about to achieve that look! And to help those who have no idea where the dark and where the light goes, here are some awesome face charts to follow when trying these looks. Check it out!!



Lately, I have been playing with different contour pallets because I feel like you need a few different shade options depending on the day. Day looks this summer is more minimal with the contour and a little more with the highlight, then you can define it a little more for a night time look. I have really been liking Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Palette because there is 6 different shades you can play with. I usually mix and create a more natural looking color that suits my face best. Plus this contour actually stays on all day! I feel like that is such hard thing to find when using a powder to contour. But this is a great pallet and you get so many options within one.



For highlight, I like the colors in that pallet also, but its more matte, which is great to use as your “brightener” and I tend to stick with shiny highlights to achieve that glow look… Highlight can be tricky because you don’t want to over do it and look sweaty, but you want enough on to give the illusion of the glow. But, its easy if you stick to the guide lines of highlight and contour that I posted above. So what I tend to use for my “luminizer” product is MAC’s Skin Finisher in Soft and Gentle. A little goes a very long way! It is really shimmery and can create the perfect glow, but it can be over done. It looks like this:




I feel like everyone has heard about the NARS Blush craze. I kind of figured it was all hype, but it really works so well. I can’t image using anything else. I will even just use a little of it without highlight and contour and it still looks amazing. The one I use looks like this: s1396340-main-hero-300


Also, usually I am a huge advocate for Elf Brushes which are like $1-$3 at Target, and they work really well, pretty much just as good as my $300 MUD Makeup Brushes… HOWEVER, if you are in the mood to splurge a little bit on the best cheek brush you’ll ever use in your life, grab the Kabuki Ita Brush by Nars. It is seriously amazing, I love it! It looks like this:s1666544-main-hero-300


The Dramatic

This is more my category 😉 I wear eyeshadow, liner and false lashes every single day. I just really like doing my makeup. It’s not so much of wanting to cover it all up. I just enjoy doing it and love the way well done makeup looks. So if you’re with me here, lets start!


I tend to wear more natural colors on my eyes like whites, grays, browns and the occasional dark plum or pink nude. I usually do that only because I have colored hair and I don’t want to clash 😉 But for summer browns are definitely a must. Browns compliment every eye color and can go all over the spectrum with hints of other colors and can be very faint or very dramatic. My favorite pallet right now is the Chocolate Bar by Too Faced. It has a ton of different color choices and can be suitable for any skin or eye color. It stays on all day (as long as you’re using a primer! I suggest Urban Decay’s Eye Primer) The eyeshadows look like this:




If you like your winged liner, you’ll love Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. I swear by it and will never use another liner. It is so easy to use, the lines are always perfectly straight and it doesn’t smear off by the end of the day! It is amazing.




Well that sums up all of the Makeup Trends and Products I have for you! I hope you enjoyed this post and took something away from it. Please don’t forget to leave any feedback in the comments and share with your friends if you enjoyed it or found it helpful! See you next week 😉