Color Correction- What You Should Know

We at SL believe that color correction is a very important topic to discuss.
Many believe that we as hair stylists, are magicians, as much as we would love to believe that with you, in reality we are more like chemists. And with that being said, some things are just not possible. Going from black to blonde in one day, NOT POSSIBLE!

If we can learn anything from the beautiful Khloe Kardashian, it is that going blonde takes time, patience and a hell of a stylist.

Removing a darker color from your hair is a strenuous process on your hair, lightener can be damaging if done incorrectly, too often or applied too strong or long at one time.

So when a stylist says something is possible today or tries to inform you of the reality of your hair situation, make sure to listen because the best stylists will care more about the integrity of your hair in the end than a quick buck.

And speaking of bucks…. color correction is expensive! It is expensive for us, which in terms means it is expensive for you . Most places will charge an hourly price for color corrections because it is such a lengthy process and unless you have seen the stylists for years, they won’t know how your hair reacts to the chemicals we may be using.

Most clients have box color in their hair or just had a bad color experience that leads to splotches and spotty color that takes us hours to balance out and blend away. The befores and afters you see all over the internet take time! Most celebrity stylists book out half or full days for their color clients and charge thousands of dollars, that is just the reality of the situation. Sometimes your dream hair will take time to achieve, like most things. The point of this is it’s important to listen to your stylist and believe them when they are telling you that big changes take many services, and you do have to pay for each step.

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