Hello everyone! Hope everyone has some fun weekend plans!

This week coming up is Warped Tour 2015 here in San Diego. I go every year and I know it can be stressful thinking about hair makeup and even outfits for these kinds of events. So, I figured why not make a post and help you guys out! This pretty much applies to any festival. Especially when it’s super hot outside and you’re outdoors all day and sometimes even multiple days!

For the most part I do my makeup the same as I would normally and I probably wear more than the average (couldn’t go without my Falsies!). Except I always carry a few essentials in my purse that I might not normally.
Here’s what my little kit looks like and what it contains!

lash glue, powder, shadow brush, primer water

I keep lash glue(of course). When it gets hot my eyes always get greasy first so sometimes my corners will lift in the heat.
The powder is probably obvious. I’m pretty oily as it is, but especially being in the sun all day long.
Shadow brush I keep (super random) but it helps with my oily lids and keeps my shadow looking good with just a little more blending.
Primer water! This stuff is my favorite. It’s the smashbox primer water. It has a cucumber scent and is super refreshing and hydrating throughout the day.

As for the hair, keep it out of your face so you don’t get your hair all sweaty!
My general go tos are the top knot:


Half top knot:


Or a cute half up/braided style:


Super easy styles and helps for those long music filled days!

Now onto outfits…

For warped tour, I stick to basics! Some jean shorts, cute tee and some matching vans (I mean it is vans warped tour after all!)

Another way to go is some comfy, breezy pants and a crop top and sandals

Last look that’s a good go too.. Shorts a cute top and some strapped sandals and (of course) a flower crown!

Well I will say, this helped me pick what I’m wearing this week! Hopefully it helps you pick something out for your next festival!

See you all next week. And hey! Don’t forget to subscribe!