So… What will be in this summer?

This week I want to talk all about the trends! Whether it be hair, nails, makeup or clothes…. I will have you covered. But for this week, let’s dive into the hair trends! Color, cuts and styles.

So what is here to STAY?

Ombre and Balayage

I remember when ombre and balayage first started, all of my beauty school teachers swore it would be in and out in one season. Boy were they wrong! The style has certainly transformed through the last few years, but this style is here to stay, for at least a little while longer that is… The best part about these styles is how different they all look. I don’t think there are two of the same ombre’s. They are low maintenance colors and give some the ability to have lighter hair without being all over blonde. Most people don’t really know the difference between the two so I will give you a few examples:

Ombre done by Lyndsey and Balayage done by Stephanie<

As you can see, the left photo is an ombre, more like color blocking and definitely not as natural looking, but still beautiful and trendy. On the right, you can see what a balayage looks like. More natural looking. I like to refer to it as “sun-kissed ribbons” they look effortless, but can create a whole new look and lighten up the overall appearance of the hair without completely bleaching it out.

Another great thing about these styles is the options you now have. If you are anything like me, I love having the balayage pieces fun colors. Currently I’m blue and green and you can see that below:

Blue Balayage done by Lyndsey

Vibrant Colors

And this is what leads me into the next trend which is the fun vibrant colors we are seeing everywhere! Anything from violet to green or red to grey. Hair has become so much fun lately and I have been thrilled to see so many people bravely jumping on board this boat. Here’s the thing everyone needs to understand about these colors…

1. you have to put these over blonde hair! So unless you are already blonde, you will have to lighten your hair.

2. these colors are A LOT of maintenance. I’m talking “good shampoo and conditioner, better invest in some dry shampoo, better be ready to color it every 2-4 weeks” maintenance.

3. they are so worth it. I get compliments on my hair all the time and yes, it is maintenance, but what isn’t really… I love my hair and I love having a super fun accessory that is always on me.

I will go further into what really goes into having colors like this in a later post, but for now you get the idea.

GREY- Emarie. VIOLET- Lyndsey. PINK&BLUE- Erin. RED- Kylee.

The “Lob”

The next trend to be discussed is the Lob. or Long Bob.

The long bob kind of came out of no where and has been inspiring girls everywhere to cut it off!

What I love most about the lob is the versatility you get. It is still long enough to put up or get away with not styling it 100%, but it is also short enough to give you a little bit of an edge and be able to style it up as much as you want. Especially with the hotter weather approaching, I believe we will see even more lobs coming out of the salon.

BEST part about the lob is it is able to suit ANY face shape! So if you have always wanted shorter hair, but never thought your face could pull it off, this is the trend for you!

Left by Kylee. Right by Lyndsey

Beach Waves

Lastly for the hair trends… let’s talk about my absolute favorite thing… beachy waves. I am obsessed with this new trend. Maybe it is because I am a San Diego Native and having be achy hair is just second nature to me, but still! I love that this has been booming everywhere.

What are beach waves exactly? Think super effortless looking curls, pretty undone, but still done. Super “California-Girls-Esq” These waves are achievable with a wand, curling iron, flat iron or even a blow dryer. This pretty much all depends on your hair texture. Those with naturally wavy hair have a little bit of an advantage here, but it is easy no matter what.. The best way to get this look is with none other than Bumble and bumble’s surf spray!

If you find yourself struggling to style your hair everyday, you are in luck. We actually host client styling classes to help teach you our ways. It is called Tangled and we have one coming up on May 13th at 6pm. Here’s the details… it costs $20 (cash) for a ticket. It must be purchased in advance so you have a spot held for you. But the $20 is all redeemable for hair products at the end of the class! We will have a demo for you to watch and then will provide a hands on class with the stylists by your side to help you achieve the look you desire. Pretty cool right? You can always call us here at the salon for more info or any questions you may have about it!

These are all the biggest things trending for this summer in hair! I hope you enjoyed this weeks post! Please leave any other topics you would like to read about in the comments! I would love your feedback! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share with your friends! Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you right back here next Saturday 😉