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Best Balayage in San Diego

We have done hundreds of successful balayage color jobs for the women of San Diego We have been receiving so much buzz for our Balayage and Ombre here at the salon. Our stylists are well trained and very educated on these trends. The hardest part about finding someone to [...]

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The Truth About Hair Color Correction

Color Correction- What You Should Know We at SL believe that color correction is a very important topic to discuss. Many believe that we as hair stylists, are magicians, as much as we would love to believe that with you, in reality we are more like chemists. And with [...]

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Balayage- The Highlight Revolution

Balayage The word seems to be on everyone’s tongue as they sit in their stylist’s hair. You often here “no more highlights, no more ombre, I want BALAYAGE.” But what is the difference anyway? Balayage highlights are actually a legitimately new and different technique for creating highlights, and after [...]

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