Why Style Lounge For Your Hair Extensions in San Diego?

Hair Extensions are everywhere.. Every day you walk down the street, many people are walking your way with extensions in. The real question is, do you notice or not? If the answer is yes, then they may not be exactly what you would like to see. But if the answer is no, then they probably got them done at Style Lounge Salon! 😉

Hair Extension Training

No one in our salon does hair extensions without have taking the proper course and getting certified. This goes for all types of hair extentions: i-link, keratin hair extensions, tape in extensions, etc. Each stylist is specifically trained in the technique that they work with. Some of us use multiple ways, some only one or 2, however we will always keep your hair’s best intention in mind when choosing the appropriate technique and style!

This Month’s Special- $100 Off Hair Extensions

$100 Off your first hair purchase and appointment at Style Lounge Salon in Downtown San Diego. Enjoy a glass of wine and relax in Style Lounges inventive salon atmosphere. We use only the finest in hair extension products. An appointment is required to redeem this promotion. Call to book your appointment at (619) 501- 6821 or request an appointment online.

High Quality Products & Hair

Here at Style Lounge we use only the best products and brands of hair. While many stylists vary in their brands, you can be assured that they are all high quality and well researched. The stylist will tell you up front how long your hair should last you(when taken proper care of) and what you will need to do to care for them the right way.


You heard it in elementary school right? Honesty is the best policy? Well same goes for hair extensions. It is true that some things just are not possible depending on your hair’s length, density, color, etc and we will be the first to tell you what will work and what will not. The last thing we want is for you to not feel confident when you leave the chair, so we will make sure to let you leave with the best looking locks around!

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Products We Love For Extenstions

If you love long hair, than obviously you love long lashes. Neulash is an amazing product that helps stimulate lash growth and keeps them strong too!

The Best Brush to brush through your extensions without damaging the extension hair or your natural hair. It is called the Wet Brush, but it is great for dry or wet!

And in mini size!

The Best curling iron for extensions. It makes the prettiest curls and is the perfect width around for beach waves, S curls, or anything in between.

Sulfate Free Bumble Products? Yes Please!

Color-Minded Shampoo
Color-Minded Conditioner

The Color Minded Line by Bumble and Bumble is one of our favorites for extensions! It is sulfate free and helps maintain a beautiful color.

BB Straight Shampoo
BB Straight Conditioner

Bumble and bumble’s Straight line is also sulfate free. What we love about this line is that it helps contain frizz and makes for an excellent blow dry (plus, it smells amazing!).

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