About Us

Sage and Ally met in 2012, working for Halo Couture Extensions when they were 17 years old. They traveled the country selling extensions and developing a passion for hair. Over the next few years, they both attended Paul Mitchell Schools and began their hair journey. In 2017, Ally was growing her business, Color by Ally, at a studio in Downtown San Diego. Sage left Halo Couture and moved to San Diego to work with Ally.

Their business began to grow before their eyes and they soon realized that they needed a bigger space. In November 2017, they made the decision to purchase Style Lounge Salon. In one short year, they re-branded, hired, and trained a full staff while they were both behind the chair. Sage and Ally are incredibly involved and passionate about their team. While the two of them are very different, they complement each other in the business, and together, they create magic.