Hello!! Happy Saturday! Today is a fun little “How To” post.As a girl, it can sometimes be hard to commit to a full face of no makeup and not doing our hair at all when we are going to the pool or the beach.
This is an awesome way to get ready in LITERALLY 5-10 minutes at most. Plus, it is so easy and can even be worn as just an all natural-dewy-summer look as well.


Step 1: Prep and Prime



First and Foremost. Never forget your SPF! I use Face Reality, it is just a part of a 7 step skin regime that I use, but I never leave the house without this on my face!


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Second, I prime. I use Smashbox Primer Water. I love this stuff, so quick and easy to apply. Plus, it is super refreshing and hydrating on the skin. I use it before and after my makeup. I’ll leave this little one in my purse for some throughout the day too!

Step 2: Foundation and Concealer


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Right now, I am using Naked Skin by Urban Decay and this Morphe Brush. Generally, this brush isn’t used for foundation, but I like the way it applies. So, break the rules if you want! Sometimes during a summer day I will wear just a bb cream in place of my foundation, but this one is super light weight and breathable so I feel good wearing it now too!


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Now, let’s conceal! I’m using the same brand as my foundation. Really loving this concealer lately. I use a shade lighter than my skin because I like the way it brightens up my skin a little bit. I’m also using a damp beauty blender to pat it into my foundation so it blends really nicely. You can see where I put my concealer. I have some blemishes right now (thanks to this lovely weather we’re having…) so I put it on top of those guys too.


Step 3: Highlight and Bronze




Instead of really carving out that contour, I am using this bronzer to just bronze my cheeks and forehead to get a more “glowy” look. It tends to keep the face a little fresher, plus what we really want with this look is the “dewy” and “look how summery I am” kind of look. Ha! And this bronzer is the Tarte Park Ave Princess and the brush is by MUD, but any contour/ blush brush will work. You can even use a stippling brush for this look.


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Next we’re going to HIGHLIGHT! I am using Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics and I am obsessed with this right now (Thank you queen Jaclyn Hill)! It is super shimmery, so unless you want a really dewy look (which who doesn’t?) then make sure you’re more cautious with where you place this. With this look I like a pointed brush as you can see and I will pop this right above my cheek bone, the stripe of my nose, center of the forehead and middle of the chin. Place this anywhere the sun would naturally hit you.



Lastly, use a little blush! I used barely any color. Just enough to add a little something to the apples of my cheeks. I also used the same MUD brush I used with my contour. This blush color is by Model Cosmetics.

Step 4: Eyes


When you’re going to the beach or to the pool, keep your eyes minimal. I don’t even fill in my brows (but you can if you need too). I just used a curler, a lash primer by mac and a waterproof mascara by Mac too. Just enough to give my eyes a little pop!

Anddddd…. that’s all for make-up! This is my completed makeup look. Nice and Dewy and Natural!




Okay, so for hair…. I figured what would be more appropriate other than Beach Waves?


Step 1: Get your Hair Damp




I started with dirty hair and this is what it looked like after I took it down from the bun I have had it in all day. This look can work no matter what your hair looks like. Straight, curled, kinked, whatever it may be!! It may look a little different depending on what you’re starting with, but it will always be beachy and done, yet undone!



So, first of all you are going to want to dampen your hair. I am using Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer. As you can tell, I loveeeee this product. It is very heavy and oil based, so if you have super fine or oil prone hair, try something similar like Tonic or Prep. All three are by Bumble and bumble. I am just going to spray this on my mids to ends. Maybe only 3-5 sprits.

Step 2: Section, Twist and Spray



So section out about 4-6 (depending on your hair density) sections. I used 4, but I like my waves a little bit bigger. If you want tighter waves,try doing this in a bunch of tiny sections.




I am going to be using Bumble and bumble.’s Surf Infusion Spray. This is a lighter weight surf spray. I really love this one. It isn’t super gritty, but still gives me the look I want. They make a stronger version too that isn’t infused with the oil and that is great for curly/coarse hair. Or any salt spray that you may like is fine!


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Now I am taking those sections and I am twisting them away from my face while spritzing them with the surf infusion. About 2 sprays per section is fine. If you overdo it with the surf spray you’ll definitely feel it in your hair. It may take a time or two before you find the perfect amount for your hair.

Now, you should look like this!




Step 3: Shake and Reveal!



Put your fingers to your scalp and shake out those sections!



And WAH-LAH! This is my final look. Makeup and Hair. I am ready for a pool day now! Thank goodness the sun is out and shining.

See you all next week. Let me know if you tried this look and how you liked it for yourself. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe above! 🙂