Hey everyone!
Hope you all have a great week.
I am writing this post today on how to get your hair done and looking good in just 5 minutes. We all have those mornings. Hectic, Wake up late or maybe you just really don’t feel like doing your hair today… Well, I have some easy tips and tricks and some tutorial pictures for you to follow so you still look put together!

I pulled these photos off of pinterest, but put them to the test myself and they really do work in 5 minutes! Some need things like a headband or just minor heat from your tools, but they’re all very easy and super pretty. I will definitely be using these styles more!!

2 Minute Bun


I did the bun in just about 2 minutes, some women really do have a hard time putting their hair up in that “perfectly imperfect bun” so that is why I included this tutorial, it shows great step by step instructions and my results looked just like the picture. I do have more layers than her, though, so I did need a few bobby pins to tuck a couple of strays.


The Tuck and Cover!



This look was probably one of my favorites. I used a sparkly headband that I have and I actually got a lot of compliments the day I wore this look to work. *Top Tip* It definitely works best on 2nd day curled hair so you don’t have to go through and curl all of your hair. Otherwise, this won’t take you only 5 minutes!


Knotted Side Pony



This is another look that probably took me about 3 minutes total. It is super easy to do and looks super cute throughout the day! I do suggest using product like she shows in the photo. I used Bumble’s Sumotech to break up my sections because I didn’t have mousse, so something like that should work for you too.


Little Bow



This is one of those super easy to do styles, that everyone will compliment! It looks so much harder than it actually is. It works great when you have some cute waves still from the day before, but just want a little something different for today. Make sure to use hairspray! You will need it to be sticky in order for it to stay, definitely won’t do the trick on very clean hair.


Low Bun



I don’t always love high buns, so I thought this would be a great option for low bun people or anyone with shorter hair. This style was super quick and looks really polished really fast.

Well, that will do it for this week. I hope you all enjoyed these quick little styles! They are fun and easy to do, make sure you try them yourself and let us know how you did!!

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