Your Guide to Festival Hair

As the summer approaches, we get ready for so many amazing festivals headed our way. They can be some of the greatest times with amazing memories. We want to look our best while still being somewhat functional. This post is dedicated to helping you look put together and trendy while beating the heat and all of the other elements.

Space Buns

Space Buns are perfect for festivals considering their versatility and functionality. You can wear them half up, fully up, add accessories, braids or hair glitter. Anything goes with space buns and can be the perfect style to keep your hair out of the way, but look unique and trendy! Plus it is great for pretty much any hair length and type with all of the different ways you can wear them!

Braids, braids and more braids

Of course Braids are an amazing Go To for Festivals. Depending on how Braid Savy you are, you can do all sorts of different looks with a few braids. Fishtails and messy traditional braids are typically the easiest and more “classic” for festivals, but there are so many different things you can do. Try a side part with a few cornrows or a mohawk made of braids. Anything goes here and it is a great way to look amazing and keep it out of the way. Braids are just an all over great way to stay looking put together in the toughest environments (i.e. camping, extreme heats, etc).


Accessories are another popular thing for hair at the festivals! This year we are seeing so many trends of hair glitter, flowers (of course), bandanas, beads and feathers. You can incorporate these with any of the other styles or even add them to a traditional bun or ponytail to accentuate it even more!

Festival Hair Guide - Accessories

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