Fall 2015 Makeup Trends

Hello! Going off of our “what’s trending” series, we will be talking about makeup trends this week! There are 5 main trends happening this fall. You’re probably already wearing a few! And if not, get daring and try some out!

1. 90’s Lips

We all know that the 90’s are back! But this fall, get ready to rock some of your absolute 90’s favorites. The bright berry lips and vampy reds and dark plum purples are back! These are some of my personal favorites and it is definitely nice to see them back on the runway and back into street style! What color will you try first?

2. Flushed Cheeks

We have seen so much of highlight and contour lately, it is so nice to see the traditional blushed cheeks making a come back! The best “natural” flushed look colors are things like: coral, pale pinks and super subtle reds.

3. Graphic Liner

Winged liner will probably never go away if we’re being honest.. and now some even crazier liners are making their way onto runways and new york streets. Graphic Liner! Anything more creative and geometric is considered “graphic liner”. The best way to explain this one is through the picture. Think you will try this one?!

4. Metallic Shadow

I can’t say I didn’t see this one coming… When Kat Von D released her Metal Crush eye shadow collection, I knew this would be a big hit. I really like this trend actually! I think it makes everyone feel like they are good at doing makeup, which I love as a makeup artist. I always hear “I could never do something like that”, but this look makes everyone feel a little artsy!

5. No Liner Smokey Eyes

This is by far, my favorite trend this season! I usually do certain eye shadow looks and think, “eh, does it really need liner”. But now, that’s trending! I think this makes it a lot easier for anyone to do a smokey eye since liner is always the part people tend to struggle with.

If you love these trends and don’t think you have the skills to pull it off, gain your confidence and get a makeup artistry lesson! We would love to help you out at the salon!

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