2015 Fall Hair Style Trends

As the season changes again, I would love to share with you the trends happening this year. This post will be all about the hairstyles that will be making their name this fall… Enjoy!

1. Taking Sides

According to Harpers Bazaar, side parts are making a huge come back. A deeper side part is making its way onto runways and into the salon.

2. The Twist

The newest style I have been seeing is the twisted pony tail. It creates more of an effortless style. It actually really reminds me of a 90’s hairstyle. Pretty sure Rachel Green rocked this a couple of times.

3. Low Profile Pony

We have been seeing so many high top knots and high pony tails, but this season, things are starting to come down.
The low pony is making a come back! This sleek look has been making waves and coming back!