What Hair Colors are Trending this Season?


What on earth is Bronde? It’s a flawless combination of brown and blonde. Whether that be in form of an ombre, balayage or highlights, the combo is making a name for itself this season. It is definitely more of a “neutral” color scheme. Meaning, the brown and blonde hues will range more on the neutral side. Not too golden and not too ashy. It’s a pretty easy color to maintain (depending on your natural hair color) and very easy to achieve if you already have a blonde or light brown base! What do you think of this trend?

Make me Bronde!

Champagne Red

Red will always be a fall favorite. Or a favorite all the time really. But this fall, the lighter red/gold combination is really in. The warm tones makes it ideal for anyone really. It makes blue and green eyes pop! How pretty is this color?!

Cheers to that. Let's do it!

Cool Chestnut

Brunettes always seem to be out of loop because it is so hard to change the tone and shades when your hair is darker. A great way to switch it up for fall would be to add in these cool chestnut tones. It is a little deeper than “medium brown” and is very flattering on olive skin tones!

It's time for a change!

Brown with Gold Ribbons

If you’re a brunette and your hair is healthy enough, you can opt to have some golden ribbons put in! Whether it be a few here and there or a full on balayage, adding these ribbons will drastically change your look and makes a great fall hair color.

Let's get the color!