Summer Clothing Trends

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday, I hope this post brings you some inspiration! This is the last post in the summer trends series! It has definitely been hard to embrace these trends lately because of the cold weather here in San Diego… But I know I am excited for the warmer weather and of course, all the outfits that go along with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

The three trends I want to talk most about are Boyfriend Jeans, Black and White and Baggy! Let’s Begin….

**Disclaimer: All of these photos are from pinterest, I am not claiming any of these to be my own.

Boyfriend Jeans

This summer we are definitely starting to see the tighter clothes start to get a little looser! One of the bigger trends lately are the boyfriend jeans. I love boyfriend jeans because they are so comfortable, they come in so many colors and styles, plus you can dress them up or down depending on what look you are trying to achieve.

When dressing your jeans down, they are great with graphic tees and slip on vans. I love this example here:



What is so great about this look in general is how she still rocks a red lip, a classic look and keeping her whole look chic with a Chanel bag! How cute is that?

Another way to dress your jeans up is to add a blouse and heels. It seems odd, I know, but the look of boyfriend jeans and heels are just to die for right now! Take a peek at this great example and I know you will be obsessed too:

21870bbef1c612c3cfa8036f77d61c81Now you have gone from a day time look to a night time look, all revolving around the same pair of jeans! I think this trend is so great because it gives women the freedom to dress up pants and it gives those the ability to rock a pair day in and day out! What do you think of this trend? Jeans are considered a “classic” piece, meaning it has been in style since they came out, so I don’t think anyone will be too disgusted with our outfits in a few decades either ๐Ÿ˜‰

Black and White

As I was going through these trends, I realized that a lot of the summer trends this year are revolving around ancient classics and timeless pieces. Black has ALWAYS been the new black, let’s be real.. But every season we find a new way to wear it and a new way to bring a piece or pop of color into a neutral outfit, which I love! So this year, you have probably seen the printed pants, that has been trending over winter and spring, but don’t put them in your donation pile just yet! They are staying for summer, and I couldn’t be happier! But that isn’t what this trend is about so let’s get back to the black and white! My example here is a bit more dressy… Printed pants in black and white, paired with heels for this look but switch it out so a pair of sandals and wah-lah you have a beach outfit! Check out how cute this is:



27b62ce60787707b2f88c3472551489eWhat I really love most about this ensemble is how she brings in so many classics. The classic shoe, the black fringe leather jacket and a plain white tee.. this is another trend that is just so easy to dress up or dress down and with that color scheme you know you can’t go wrong!!

So that is more of a dressed up look, so take a peek at a more relaxed version of this trend….



I probably have this exact outfit in my closet… Can’t ever go wrong with high waisted black shorts and a white tee. Plus the addition of the hat can make any outfit extraordinary.



Over the past few years, we have seen the tightest of skinny jeans on both men and women… But lately we have started to evolve into a more “baggy” trend. This summer we are going to see a lot less tight and a lot more loose. This also kind of has to do with the boyfriend jeans as well, however this trend includes pants, shirts, dresses and shorts too! The overall silhouette has changed so much recently, especially for women. Now this doesn’t mean get rid of your skinnies… This just provides a little more diversity in what we are wearing. I personally really love this trend too! I want to share examples of this trend with different pieces. So below you will see the baggy pants and tank, the baggy dress and the baggy shorts. Take a look:





What do you all think of this trend?? I am curious to see how long this will go. I think it is great for style AND comfort! If you haven’t tried it yet, try it!


That is all I have for you on this round of trends! I hope you enjoyed this mini series to start off our blog. Leave your comments and opinions on these trends below! And don’t forget to share with your friends. Happy Memorial Weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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