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Get Your Hair Done and Looking Good in 5 Minutes

Hey everyone! Hope you all have a great week. I am writing this post today on how to get your hair done and looking good in just 5 minutes. We all have those mornings. Hectic, Wake up late or maybe you just really don’t feel like doing your hair today… [...]

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Welcoming Kerastase to the SL Fam! ;)

Hey there everyone! Happy Saturday. Sorry for the lack of post last week, we were busy getting situated and setting up our NEW PRODUCT LINE! Style Lounge Salon now proudly carries Kerastase! For those of you who know what it is, you're probably just as excited as we are! For [...]

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Is It Bikini Season Already?

Getting Prepared for Summer The summer is getting closer and closer! I know that I am not ready, which means most of us probably aren't... I am here to give you 5 tips and tricks to help with the transition and get you more comfortable with the hotter weather that [...]

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