Blow Dry Styling is by far the toughest type of styling to master on your own. We know that we, as stylists, make it look easier than it is. But I promise, you can get it! And we are here to share with you some secrets that will help you along the way.

Don’t Tear Your Hair

When your hair is wet, it is at its weakest point. Don’t rip at tangles in your hair with a brush. Use a Wet Brush to detangle hair when wet and a vent brush to remove any snags on dry hair. Breakage is never a good look.

Rough Dry

What most people don’t know about the perfect blow dry is the rough dry technique. Now, each hair type requires a different action here. If you have overly curly or even pretty wavy hair you are going to want to start with a round brush a lot sooner than you would if you have straight or just somewhat wavy hair. If you have straight/small waves in your hair, get your hair about 80-90% dry before going in with a round brush. If you have curly hair, get your hair dry enough so it isn’t dripping, but be careful of frizz! And foundation is key! Make sure you use good products to ensure the style you will want!

The Blowdryer Itself

Attach the nozzle to your dryer, and turn the heat setting up and the speed of the air down. (Heat allows you to manipulate the shape of your hair, but you don’t want the uncontrollable force of a leaf blower.) Starting with the back section, direct small, manageable sections of hair forward and dry from roots to ends, moving the brush and the dryer together down the hair shafts. Always keep the airflow angled down toward the ends to ensure you don’t have fly aways!

Final Steps

Finally, remember that when hair is hot, it is shaping. So don’t mess with it too much when it is still warm. Let it cool or even use the “cool shot” button on your blow dryer to set your style. Last, but certainly not least, HAIR SPRAY! Use a light weight mist of hair spray at the end to keep your style all day long! If you want to see how we do it at style lounge check out our blow dry bar menu and weekly events or just make and appointment for one of our blow dry bar menu styles.