Our Top 5 Tips for Male Clients

This post is for our male clients out there! You don’t have to be obsessed with hair, but there are a few basics every guy needs to know. Style Lounge has a huge clientele and a lot of those clients are men too! Need a men’s cut, color or style?

Lucky for you we’ve gotcha covered 😉 Here’s our top 5 hair tips for our male clients.

Know Your Hair Type

First thing is first, the best way to always make sure you’re looking fresh is to know your hair! The most obvious would be, is your hair straight, wavy or curly?

Next you should know and understand the density (or thickness) of your hair. Meaning, how much hair is actually on your head? Does your hair feel thick and heavy, thin and light, or somewhere in between? It may not be easy to tell when looking at it, but by running your hands through your hair a bit and since it has been on your head a while, you can probably tell.

Lastly, how does your hair react when you style it? Any uneasy or stubborn parts? Does it do what you want it too or shift to where it wants to be?

Understanding your hair can make all the difference when it comes to styling, haircuts and even color! These are also great points to let your stylist know before going into the consultation, they will probably ask you anyway so it’s always good to know before you go 😉

Take Care of Your Hair

Good hair care is important, poor hair care can cause thinning, split ends, damage, and even hair loss! Since that’s probably not your end goal, taking care of your hair is important—and not as hard as you might think.

You may be thinking, “I don’t do anything to damage my hair,” but not so fast. Just some of the common ways you could be damaging your hair include shampooing your hair every day, not using conditioner, brushing your hair when it is wet, using too much product or using “cheap” hair care products (we will touch on the “why” later in the article).

Surprised? We were too when we learned these! Now that you know, make some adjustments. If you ever brush your hair (which we hope you do), invest in a wet brush. We sell them here at the salon, they’re inexpensive and will make a world of difference.

Shampooing every day is another one most men are guilty of. Did you know that over cleaning your hair can actually strip it of its nutrients? It’s true! Having some of that oil helps keep your hair lubricated and healthy. Simple changes in your routine can make all of the difference.

Our good friends, The Longhairs, have this awesome article on split ends and hair damage for you to take a look at too.

Consider Different Styles

Men seem to think there’s only a few hairstyles to chose from, but there are so many different styles to consider! If you have shorter hair, there are many classic hair cuts and although spikes may not be in style any longer, there are plenty other things you can do with your pomade and gel.

We are certainly lucky to live in the age of “messy hair”. The disheveled hair look is trendy and easy to achieve. If you like to look a little more put together, side swept, slicked back and anything in between is also very in style for men. You may need more than your hands and some product (i.e. a comb) but it still won’t take you longer than a few minutes!

And for you longer haired guys, the options are endless. I could go on and on, but again The Longhairs have us covered with their super in-depth article on long hairstyles for men, with videos and descriptions on tons of options. This should be your go to guide when thinking of how to style your locks next!

Know Your Options

Understand that you can wear your hair differently, cut it differently, color it differently, etc. Many men think their hair is just what it is, but it is not! Just remember that you have the option to cut your hair into whatever style you like, as long as your hair type and lifestyle can accommodate.

And to speak a little about the touchy subject *thinning and hair loss*, you have options! There are many PROFESSIONAL products and shampoos that you can help to prevent future hair loss and help stimulate growth. It is much easier to prevent, so take actions sooner rather than later.

It is always best to understand that your options are endless and here at Style Lounge Salon we will always make sure that our male clients are well aware of what every option may be.

Invest Some Time (and a little $) Into Grooming

I know we all want the “get up and go” hairstyle and we know that time is money, but even just a few extra minutes a day can make all the difference. Most of the styles in the “Consider Different Styles” category only take a few minutes of your time!

And let’s talk about costs…a haircut at Style Lounge runs $35 and you do get the whole shebang: wine, coffee, or tea, an in-depth consultation with your stylist, complete with suggestions for your hair type and lifestyle, a full shampoo PLUS an awesome head massage, and finally of course your cut and/or color. You’ll love when you leave Style Lounge, and trust us, the ladies will notice 🙂

Now to the product side of this topic… The truth about non-professional product is that it can be high in alcohol or wax content which is terrible for your hair. Like we discussed in Taking Care of Your Hair, this can lead to heavy build up and even breakage (split ends). Using professional product will help keep your hair healthy and happy.


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