Sometimes we get breakage or dryness on our hair, but we take such great care of it! So how could that be happening?!
Our hair is a very fragile thing that we can sometimes take for granted. For the most part, you probably aren’t even aware that these things could be the reason for your breakage.

1. Setting The Heat on your Hot Tools To High

Excess heat strips the hair of its natural moisture. A lot of times when we have our curling or flat irons, we set the temperature. For fine hair, the lowest setting is fine! There is absolutely no need to go very high with fine hair. We don’t want you to end up like the girl from the youtube video. Hair can MELT, so be cautious when putting heat to it. With medium or thick hair, use the medium setting. Really try not to go to the highest settings. It is very unhealthy for your hair to take on that much heat and it isn’t necessary. If you feel like your hair is difficult to straighten or curl, turning up the heat is not the solution! Better products and a solid foundation truly do wonders.

2. Not Using the Correct Products

So many times clients will come in and they will buy the hairspray or the styling product, but will skip on the shampoo and conditioner or the heat protectant. You may think we are just “sales people” but we really do have the best of intentions. When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, cheaper brands will use fillers like alcohol or wax which can coat your hair and do some long term damage. If you are going to a salon and paying money to get your hair done, quality products are your best insurance.

3. Handling Wet Hair Roughly

When your hair is wet, it is at its most fragile state. The best thing to do when your hair is wet is to nourish it with good products and brush through from ends to root with a wet brush. The Wet Brush has soft, flexible bristles that help detangle the hair without ripping through it.

4. Going Too Long In-Between Haircuts

This is probably the most common thing that people are doing to damage their hair unknowingly. Going more than 3 months without a haircut can use split ends, which can in time cause breakage. Then what once was growing out your hair can turn into a hair reboot.

Oh no, I need a haircut!

5. Wearing Your Hair Up Too Much

Most people don’t realize that when you wear your hair up all the time, it can cause damage. Breakage can occur at your front hairline from the strain and from the hair-tie pulled too tight around your hair. Try giving your hair a break or wearing a fabric covered hair-tie (yes, a scrunchy). Think loose, it’ll save you some breakage!

We hope that you enjoyed this post and hope it helps save you from some unnecessary damage!