Hello everyone!
Hope you are all having a great start to your summer ๐Ÿ™‚
As a naive San Diegian, I was going through my head trying to think of what I should do this month, then it hit me, we have SOOO MUCH going on this summer here in the city!

Living here, or visiting here, you definitely should check out these amazing events! Take advantage of the city and what we have to offer.

#1 Comic Con

July 9th-July 12th


If you have been outside anywhere in San Diego since Thursday, you probably know that Comic Con is going on right now! Comic Con is something I have always wanted to experience, but tickets are nearly impossible to grab.. However, you can be part of the fun without the ticket! There is a ton to do and see in downtown right now. Tonight there is an Escape from the Walking Dead, There is a ton of different things to see right outside, not to mention, the awesome people and… character watching too! Head downtown (maybe take an uber) and take a look at THE MOST popular convention to ever be in San Diego!


July 11th-July 12th & July 18th-19th


OTL is seriously one of the funnest events we have in San Diego, if you haven’t attended one of these, do it this year! Weather you’re on a team or just rooting one on, there is so much to do and it is always a good time! The tournament is held on Fiesta Island and entrance is free! If you want to check all the details you can click here. Just keep in mind, probably not the best place for kids ๐Ÿ˜‰


July 17th-19th


Pride consists of a party all weekend long! The main events happen in Hillcrest, but pretty much the whole city is involved. If you have never attended before, this year will be like no other! There is a parade on Saturday and the music festival held at Marston Point in Balboa Park will be both Saturday and Sunday and will be featuring people like Ruby Rose, Carmen Electra and tons more! The theme this year is “Liberty and Justice for All”. To get into the festival is $20, but there is a ton of stuff to do. To get the full details you can look here.


July 16th- September 7th

starting gate

The horse races are always a good time. It’s only $6 to get in (then you can bet whatever you want). I know absolutely nothing about horses and normally bet on horses with cool names, but hey! I always come out with a few extra bucks. It’s always a fun day and a lot of times they have free concerts with your admission after the races are over.


September 20th- September 27th

san diego restaurant week

Restaurant week is a really great way to get to know your city a little better. If you’re anything like me, you probably go to the same 10 places to eat all the time. I always say, “I want to try somewhere different!”, but it can be a hard task to find new places. This week is really great for locals because it gives us the ability to try some great places! Here is a fun little video explaining the week, take a look! VIDEO

Well, I hope that I have made your summer a little more eventful! Living in San Diego is such a lucky thing, we need to remember to take advantage of what this city offers us!
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