The Evolution of the Ombre

I want to focus on the ombre. One of the biggest hair trends right now… There are so many different “versions” of the ombre these days, but how and when did this even start?


2012 was the first year we really started to see this trend arise. In 2012, I wasn’t yet in beauty school and I honestly did not like this trend and I didn’t see it staying long, BUT BOY WAS I WRONG!! It immediately became ranted and raved about all over the beauty blogs and the magazines. To most women this meant light locks and easy maintenance.  This French-termed hair trend featured a darker root to a swift graduation of a lighter shade down to the tips.

The roots were a lot longer than you would see this year, but the look was still beautiful and seemingly effortless.



During this year, the roots made their way up and the light pieces followed, creating the “balayaged” look we see these day, but still containing more of the color blocking we saw in 2012. This was the year more and more women actually started to get the ombre and not just look at it on the celebs. It finally trickled down into the general population and took the salons by storm.



2014: The Balayage was born! Coming from the French term balayer, “to sweep.” Still giving women the easy maintenance and forgiving roots, but the color blocking started to fade out. This created more of a “sun kissed” and natural look in the hair. This is also the year that the “sombre” became more popular. This year was for the subtleties!



And now finally, we are here in the present! Just when we thought there could not be another version, they keep arising! 2015 is the year of painting. Everyone is all about creating art in the hair and having the stylist free hand paint highlights onto their hair. This is where baby lights are making their splash. Balayage is keeping true and staying put, and the girls with foils on foils are starting to embrace the “rooty” look of the baby lights. (Not that highlights will ever go out of style, that’s a classic!) The word ombre comes from the meaning “to shade”, which can have a million different interpretations. The industry will continue to grow and change with this trend. I don’t think that we have seen the last of this evolution and I can’t wait to share the next 5 years of this trend 😉 I think the ombre has surprised us all!



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