Meet Our Top San Diego Stylists

Randi Halaway
With over 13 years of experience doing hair, I found my true passion when I became a salon owner.

Meet Randi
I’ve always admired the art of hair styling and love to make my client’s visions come to life.

Meet Steph
I have always loved painting nails. I love that it is a timeless indulgence with a combination of art.

Meet Meredith
I think that when people know they look good, they feel good and everyone should always feel good!

Meet Hayley
I want my clients to thoroughly enjoy every second in my chair. It’s all about you!

Meet Erin
My favorite part about doing hair is that I get to make my clients look and feel beautiful.

Meet Eric
I genuinely enjoy doing hair and want you to feel free to tell me exactly what you’re looking for!

Meet Danielle
Giving people the confidence to look and feel their best is what truly makes me love what I do!!

Meet Sarah
It’s so rewarding to see how happy someone feels once their confidence is boosted.

Meet Caroline
I love being able to make someone feel confident and beautiful!

Meet Allyson
I love coloring! It is so much fun to be able to completely change someone’s look.

Meet Rosie
Helping each and every one of our beautiful clients is truly a passion of mine!

Meet Christina