Clothes Minded During Summer

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Hello everyone! Happy Saturday, I hope this post brings you some inspiration! This is the last post in the summer trends series! It has definitely been hard to embrace these trends lately because of the cold weather here in San Diego… But I know I am excited for the warmer weather and of course, all the outfits that go along … Read More

Neutrals, Neons and Glitters. Oh My!

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Well, Hello!! This week’s post is the 3rd in our “Summer Trends Series”. We are going to be talking all about the Nail Trends for the summer! It has definitely been a little tough here in San Diego to embrace all the Summer Trends when it is raining! But, writing it all definitely makes me so excited for the hotter … Read More

When I Wake Up in My Makeup…

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Happy Saturday Everyone! Hope you have been having a great week. Today I want to continue with the Summer Trends and talk about Makeup! Now, I am a huge makeup advocate. I know some people don’t typically like to wear a lot or like to keep it natural and that is perfect too! I’ll touch on easy to use natural … Read More

Trends Trends Trends

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This week I want to talk all about the trends! Whether it be hair, nails, makeup or clothes…. I will have you covered. But for this week, let’s dive into the hair trends! Color, cuts and styles. I remember when ombre and balayage first started, all of my beauty school teachers swore it would be in and out in one season. … Read More