4 Years of Ombre

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I want to focus on the ombre. One of the biggest hair trends right now… There are so many different “versions” of the ombre these days, but how and when did this even start? 2012 was the first year we really started to see this trend arise. In 2012, I wasn’t yet in beauty school and I honestly did not … Read More

The Truth About Olaplex

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I have been wanting to start these “The Truth About…” posts to talk about hair or makeup related topics that I feel as though not many people have a good grasp on, and I would love your feedback as well, let me know what you want to know the truth about! So there has been a really huge thing happening … Read More

Is It Bikini Season Already?

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The summer is getting closer and closer! I know that I am not ready, which means most of us probably aren’t… I am here to give you 5 tips and tricks to help with the transition and get you more comfortable with the hotter weather that is approaching.   Most of us know the importance of protecting our skin from … Read More

Who Are We?

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  This is our first official blog post here on our site and we are thrilled to get this started and share so many wonderful things with those willing to read. This week, I would love to introduce the salon as well as myself… Style Lounge was started in 2012 by the amazing, Randi Halaway. Now this is all from my … Read More