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We have done hundreds of successful balayage color jobs for the women of San Diego

We have been receiving so much buzz for our Balayage and Ombre here at the salon. Our stylists are well trained and very educated on these trends. The hardest part about finding someone to do these styles is making sure your stylist knows the proper technique to keep it blended and natural looking, and we master exactly that!

Client Testimonials:

“I was looking for someone to do balayage, but I was hesitant since I’ve had mixed results in the past at other salons. So I called Style Lounge and spoke with Randi, and asked for a recommendation for balayage. She made an appointment for me with Erin V. Erin was great – she asked lots of questions before getting started that I think were key to being as happy as I was with the results! She asked about positive and negative experiences I’ve had in the past, how drastic I wanted the color, what kind of tone I like, etc. I also wanted to try something different – a bit of pink! I couldn’t have been more pleased. I’ll definitely be back to see Erin!” -Kristin H

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“I’ve been coming here for about a year and always book with Stephanie. She’s amazing! She has a great eye for choosing what tones/colors work best with your hair if you’re unsure what you want exactly. I trust that she always knows what to do, and I’m always proven right.

Today she lightened up my hair with a balayage. I knew I wanted it to be blonder, but didn’t know exactly what color to use, but she took charge and went in with her instincts. I also used to never trust anyone to get my hair cut since they would take too much off every time I just asked for a trim, but I can always rely on Stephanie to make sure only the requested amount is cut off. Not to mention, she actually spends a great deal of time actually making sure the job is done well. She doesn’t rush through any process, and it really makes me feel like the she does her best to make sure the quality of the results are the most desirable by the customer. She even gives you a great little head massage when she lathers the shampoo out (my favorite part tehehe). My hair felt so soft and looked really shiny after we were all done, not to mention it smelled amazing. This place has great staff, great decor, and awesome results. I would highly recommend coming here for whatever hair appointment you need. Especially with Stephanie!” -Angela M.

balayage san diego

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